Development nears completion on the NSIS-based Namecoin and ncdns bundle installer for Windows.

The ncdns-nsis repository provides source code for an NSIS-based installer which can automatically install and configure Namecoin Core, ncdns and Unbound and configure name resolution of .bit domains via Unbound.

The installer can install Namecoin Core and Unbound automatically, but also allows users to opt out of the installation of these components if they wish to provide their own.

Completion of the ncdns-nsis installer project will enable the Namecoin project to distribute a Windows binary installer providing a turnkey, configuration-free solution for .bit domain resolution. The installer is also intended to support reproducible builds and can be built from a POSIX system.

At this point, extensive testing is the primary work remaining on the completion of the ncdns-nsis installer.