To register a Namecoin name, you need a Namecoin wallet that supports name operations.

Your options are:

  • Namecoin Core
    Namecoin Core is the port of Bitcoin Core to Namecoin. Namecoin Core is a fully validating node, is reproducibly built, and supports Tor. Namecoin Core includes both a Qt GUI and a command-line version. You can download Namecoin Core at the Downloads page.
  • Electrum-NMC
    Electrum-NMC is the port of Electrum to Namecoin. Electrum-NMC is written in a memory-safe language (Python), which is more secure than Namecoin Core. Electrum-NMC isn’t a full node, which is less secure than Namecoin Core but allows it to synchronize faster and use less storage than Namecoin Core. Electrum-NMC is not reproducibly built. Electrum-NMC supports Tor. Electrum-NMC includes both a PyQt GUI and a command-line version. See the Electrum-NMC documentation.

After you’ve installed a name wallet, you’ll need to obtain some NMC (the digital currency used by Namecoin).