As was announced, I represented Namecoin at the 2017 Global Conference on Educational Robotics. Although GCER doesn’t produce official recordings of their talks, I was able to obtain an amateur recording of my talk from an audience member. I’ve also posted my slides, as well as my paper from the conference proceedings.

It should be noted that, as this is an amateur recording, the audio quality is not spectacular. It should also be noted that the audience is rather different from the audiences for whom I usually give Namecoin talks; as a result, the focus of the content is also rather different from my usual Namecoin talks.

The WebM amateur video recording of my talk is here (hosted by

My slides are available here.

My paper is available here.

Huge thanks to the staff and volunteers from KISS Institute for Practical Robotics, who organized GCER. Especially big thanks to Roger Clement and Steve Goodgame for giving me excellent feedback on the general outline of my paper and talk. This was an excellent event, and I look forward to the next time I’m able to attend.