We’ve released ncdns v0.0.5. List of changes:

  • Windows installer:
    • Bundle BitcoinJ/libdohj SPV name lookup client as an alternative to Namecoin Core.
    • TLS: Support Google Chrome Canary. (Bug reported by samurai321.)
    • TLS: Fix bug in Chromium, Google Chrome, and Google Chrome Canary profile detection. (Bug reported by samurai321.)
    • User is now prompted to uninstall before reinstalling.
    • Add additional debug output. (Bug reported by samurai321.)
    • Detect when Namecoin Core or Dnssec-Trigger failed to install.
  • All OS’s:
    • Various code cleanups.

As usual, you can download it at the Beta Downloads page.

This work was funded by NLnet Foundation’s Internet Hardening Fund.