It’s been roughly a year since the initial manage names tab code was ported from legacy Namecoin to Namecoin Core. Since then, development of namecoin-qt has been progressing on two fronts: merging the manage names Qt interface into Namecoin Core’s master branch and the development of a d/ spec DNS configuration interface.

In October, I initiated a pull request to merge the manage names tab into Namecoin Core’s master branch. This patch replaces the previous, experimental manage names (v0.13.99) interface and brings it current with Namecoin Core version 0.15.99. There have been many bugfixes and improvements, so we welcome users to test the code and report any issues.

Secondly, thanks to support from the NLnet Foundation’s Internet Hardening Fund, I’ve began developing the DNS configuration dialog. The goal is to make managing Namecoin domains much simpler and will remove the need for many users to build d/ spec JSON documents altogether. We currently have a set of mocks available for comments from users. Until a pull request is issued, development can be tracked in the manage-dns branch of my Namecoin Core repo.

Development is moving quickly, so I will continue to update the community as things progress. As usual, you can follow our work in the GitHub repo and on the Namecoin Subreddit.