As was previously announced, Daniel Kraft represented Namecoin at CloudFest 2019. Here is the video of Daniel’s talk:

What The Cryptocurrency Boom Missed: The Namecoin Story

To hear Daniel Kraft, the lead engineer of Namecoin, say it – “Bitcoin frees money, Namecoin frees DNS, identities, and other information”. Namecoin is the second oldest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, but it is more than that. It builds a naming system that is decentralised, trustless, secure and has human-readable names. As such, it is the world’s first solution to “Zooko’s triangle”. Applications range from secure management of online identities and cryptographic keys and a decentralised alternative to the DNS and the certificate-authority infrastructure to fully decentralised multiplayer online games. Find out why cryptocurrency technology is so much more than merely an investment, and discover how it is being employed to put greater privacy and security tools into the hands of consumers.

Video recording is here.

The video recording can be viewed via youtube-dl (Debian package) (recommendation by Whonix) if you don’t trust YouTube’s JavaScript (and there’s no reason why you should trust YouTube’s JavaScript!).