At Namecoin, we generally try to be good citizens in the broader community. This means that we regularly engage in analysis, peer review, and patch writing for projects that aren’t strictly part of Namecoin. In that spirit, today we are posting free-software-friendly video recordings of the Joint Meeting of the ICANN Board and the ICANN Technical Experts Group at ICANN60 in Abu Dhabi on November 1, 2017. We hope that making this session more accessible to free software users will facilitate increased peer review, analysis, and research.

This session included the following presentations:

  • Alain Durand and Fernando Lopez: DOA-like Persistent Identifiers over DNS: a Prototype
  • Leonard Tan: Ethereum Name Service
  • Michael Palage and Pindar Wong: Distributed Ledger Technology (aka Blockchain): Evolution or Revolution
  • Steve Crocker: Tamperproof Root Zone Management System

Low-Quality Free-Software-Friendly Video Recording (With Slides)

High-Quality Free-Software-Friendly Video Recording (Without Slides)


The above free-software-friendly recordings are converted from ICANN’s official recordings. Copyright ICANN; used with permission. Additional material, e.g. audio-only recordings, slides, and transcripts, can be found on ICANN’s website.