Hello! My name is Robert, an Outreachy Intern. I spend most of my days gaming, coding and learning. I’ve been very interested in open-source projects, and two months after contributing to Namecoin, I started my internship. For the two months, the experience has been very enjoyable and interesting.

My Core Values

  1. Integrity: I believe in being honest and transparent in all my actions and decisions.
  2. Innovation: I value creativity and constantly strive to find new and better ways of doing things.
  3. Collaboration: I believe in working together with others to achieve common goals and create successful outcomes.

What motivated me to apply to Outreachy

Several factors influenced my decision to apply to Outreachy. To begin, I am really interested in open source and want to obtain practical experience in this subject. Outreachy is a fantastic chance for people like me to contribute to open source projects while learning from experienced mentors.

Second, I am enthusiastic in learning new things and honing my talents. Outreachy provides a structured internship program in which I may work on difficult projects while developing my technical and professional abilities.

Finally, I feel Outreachy will give me with beneficial networking chances. I am looking forward to meeting other Outreachy participants and mentors and developing contacts that will benefit my career.

This work was funded by Outreachy under the Tor Project umbrella.

Cross-posted from Medium. The cross-posting was delayed by infrastructure issues on Namecoin Project’s end; we apologize for the delay, which was not due to any fault of Robert.