We’re happy to announce that Namecoin is receiving 40,100 EUR (roughly 44,134 USD) in additional funding from NLnet Foundation’s NGI Assure Fund. If you’re unfamiliar with NLnet, you might want to read about NLnet Foundation, or just take a look at the projects they’ve funded over the years (you might see some familiar names). The NGI Assure Fund is managed by NLnet and funded by the European Commission, the executive branch of the European Union, through their Next Generation Internet intitiative. This new funding is focused on Electrum-NMC.

We will use this funding to work on the following:

  • Improved sandboxing for better security.
  • Improved test coverage.
  • Improved domain management GUI for better UX.
  • Compact on-chain storage for better scalability.
  • Linux packaging.

This work will principally be done by developers Robert Nganga and Jeremy Rand (who is the author of this post).

We’d like to thank the awesome people at NLnet Foundation for the continued vote of confidence, as well as the European Commision for their support of a Next Generation Internet.

We’ll be posting updates regularly as development proceeds.